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You Need a Fabulous Website and Printed Sales Materials.

You sell a product or deliver a service and need a graphic designer to create your sales presentation material. I create graphic design that isn't just pretty, but serves a purpose, communicates a clear message, sells an idea and reaches your target audience. Remember, presentation is everything when you are promoting your company. Contact me at for your design projects.


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How We Work

First we meet and discuss your marketing, design goals, audience and budget.

Together we establish the guidelines with a Letter of Agreement that states who is providing text, photographs, illustrations and files necessary to make advertising materials happen. In a nutshell, we develop an agreement that aligns the design requirements with the project goals for your company.

Then we research your business market and develop a presentation with three well conceived ideas and set up a meeting in our office, or your office, or through a SKYPE video conference call. During this meeting, you choose your favorite concept. At this time, we review who is providing text, photography and illustrations to get the project moving towards the final phase of design. After this meeting, we fine tune the design and submit a final design to you for approval.

We meet again and you review the final concept with text, photos and illustrations in place. After this meeting, we fine tune the design and submit a final design to you.

There might be some minor proofing changes such as grammar corrections. We correct any mistakes before the project is ready for print or going live on the internet.

We submit a final design to your company either by email or by meeting in person or via SKYPE video conference call and you review the design via a printed copy or .pdf file. If all corrections meet your approval, your signature gets the project moving towards the printing or internet stages.

Finally, we write print specifications for you, plus develop a comprehensive print file for your printer and/or upload the files to your internet domain and give you the source files so that you can manage your internet site.

If you prefer, we can provide ongoing management your internet site for an hourly fee.

What You Receive

Outstanding customer service!

In addition, you will receive graphic design and/or website services from a trained professional with years of experience as a graphic designer, advertising agency owner and fine artist.

Whether you prefer a single color black and white layout that you can reproduce on your business equipment at low cost or high budget four color process project, it is our goal to create projects that fit within your budget which is taken into consideration throughout the entire design process. We focus on customer satisfaction.

After the job is completed, you receive the following:

What is the Cost?

These are general estimate guidelines explaining the cost of a project. Graphic design projects range from very simple designs to complex branding concepts. Because each design is unique to a business, we estimate the cost of each project based on individual business needs and wants.

Our hourly rate is $35.00 per hour plus expenses incurred, such as, special purchases of fonts, paper and outside services, such as, copywriters and photographers for a client. Following, are pricing examples with hourly fees and scope of project.

Simple Design Print Materials
Example: 8.5" x 11" Design front and back.
One Color (No outside services, such as copywriting and photography.)
3Hrs - 10Hrs.
$105.00 — $350.00
Simple Design Website
5 basic information pages
Home page • About Page • Contact Page
Information Page • Product Page
5Hrs - 15Hrs.
$175.00 — $525.00
Mid Complex Design Print Materials
Example: 8.5" x 11" Design Front and Back
Includes text, altered clip art, illustrations, and/or
stock photographs.
Two Color—Four Color Process Color
5 Hours - 10 Hours
Mid Complex Website
Example: 5-10 Pages
Includes text, altered clip art,
illustrations and/or stock photographs.
Includes HTML and CSS Coding
10 Hours - 20 Hours
Complex Design Print Materials
Example: 8.5" x 11" Presentation Folder with design
on front and back with Inserts and die cuts.
Custom illustrations and professional
photography and copywriting.
15 plus hours.
$525.00 (Fee Based on number of design hours.)
Complex Website
Example: 5-20 Pages
Includes text, shopping cart
illustrations and/or photographs.

30 Hours - 80 Hours

PAYMENT OPTIONS 33% down payment of projected hourly cost plus expenses incurred which are billed monthly.

Monthly payment schedule while job is going through design process. A monthly schedule is pro-rated based on the job budget and adjusted if there is a change order during the project.
Job design estimate is 14hrs @ $35.00/per hour=$490.00
This example assumes there are no additional outside expenses. Typically, the fee is broken into thirds from the onset and adjusted accordingly throughout the project.

Down Payment is 1/3 of $490.00 = $163.33
Second Monthly Payment $163.00
Third Monthly Payment $163.00
After three months job is paid in full.

Monthly payments are negotiable and can be extended over a longer period of time.

Payment Options—Visa, Mastercard and checks are accepted.

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