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My day job.
I am a “full time artist”. I create graphic design projects, write painting instructions and design products for an online store. I have been working in the design field since (ahem) before computers became a fixture every home and office. Yep, I was trained to draw graphics by hand with pen and ink and then pasted those designs on boards using melted wax and rubber cement. (I am fond of saying, hooray for computers!) All kidding aside, this experience means I appreciate a hand-crafted design as much as a computer generated design. I am passionate about creating, designing and writing.

Education by Design
In the early days of our careers, we moved nine times due to employment opportunities. In each city, I enrolled in courses offered by community colleges that would eventually transfer to a four year university. My dream was to to be a designer and earned a degree with a major in graphic design and minor in social science. Just in case you are wondering? Yes! Those areas of study do work well together. Finally we settled into an area that was fifty miles from Portland State University. I fulfilled the dream of graduating with a graphic design degree.

Beyond college–Learning to Build an Art Business
I discovered a degree is just a piece of paper and the new challenge was going to be building an art business. Soon it became obvious that all nighters were not a thing of the past but an ongoing circumstance because a business needs to be nurtured 24/7. Admittedly, today there are less of those all night sessions because a gal needs sleep to think creatively. I enjoy the moment when creativity inspires an original and unique solution for artwork. Each day, I feel lucky and grateful to be able to work as an artist.

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